In 2022 - 2023, we were mandated to support new arrivals on the "YES" program.

YES is an intensive 16-week program designed for newcomers, BPI and BPT. It consists of French classes, professional workshops, art therapy, and individualized social and professional follow-up.

The objective is to develop the level of French and to ensure social and professional integration, by helping to find a work contract.

Our program offered comprehensive support for socio-professional integration based on :

  • an intensive program of 5 days a week for 4 months;
  •  French courses and professional workshops;
  • professional, social and psychological support adapted to each profile.

Find here the brochure to have more information on the modalities of this program.

The objectives

  • obtain level A1 or higher
  • sign an employment contract
  • integrate a training course leading to a qualification

Admission requirements

  • be over 18 years old
  • be a newcomer, BPI or BPT
  • be available 4 months


Accompanied first-time arrivals

15+ people in the 2022 session


"I like ISPA, because it's not far from the city center and I can come to school easily. I have many friends here. This school gives me a great opportunity to learn the French language quickly. During the classes we do art therapy, phonetics, grammar and also drama classes where we do oral production. At the end of the course there is a TCF preparation lesson. In addition, the school helps students to find a job and you can prepare your CV and cover letter during the professional courses. This is not a school only for foreigners. If you are French but you want to learn English or Chinese, you can also do it at ISPA."



Session 2022

"For me, ISPA is the best French language institute in Lille, it is located in Rue Nationale at number 177. Come and register at ISPA! At ISPA, we learn to speak and write French, we are helped to find a job, to know the history of France and to find training. On the administrative side, ISPA is well structured, the teachers are nice and smiling. At ISPA we eat together as a family in beautiful premises.



Session 2022



Outdoor French course: visit to the house of Charles De Gaulle.


Art therapy courses


French lessons in action with our teacher Florian.