5 steps to a successful registration

Follow the steps below to register quickly and easily!

Step 1:
I choose my course

  • Find out more about our programs

  • Choose the course that's right for you

  • Read the general conditions

Step 3:
I pay a deposit

  • By credit card/paypal

  • By bank transfer

  • Or by cheque or cash.

Step 4:
I receive my admission letter

  • Within 48 hours of receipt of deposit

  • I receive my admission certificate

  • And the invoice by email

Step 5:
My first day at ILS

  • Once your registration is confirmed and your visa obtained (if you are concerned), we will set up an appointment with the ILS team to complete your administrative registration.

  • On the day of the appointment, you must bring all the documents you will be asked for. When you arrive at ILS, you will have to pay the rest of the tuition fees (by check/cash on site or by bank transfer before the appointment).

  • After the payment, we will give you your registration certificate and your personalized Welcome Pack including all the useful documents to study serenely.

  • That's it, you are officially enrolled at ILS and ready to start classes!

  • Please note: according to the general conditions of registration, the payment of the registration fee is final and non-refundable.